EUAN McGRATH – Showreel

Highlights from some of the motion, design and video projects I’ve worked on over the years…


TYLKO – ‘Furniture That Fits’ [Commercial]

Pleased to work with GREY London on this commercial for furniture brand TYLKO. I joined the project after an initial proof-of-concept video had been created in-house, taking over editing responsibilities for the commercial, including choosing + editing the music and sculpting/structuring the cut into its final form. I also created some motion graphics for the video, with GREY’s in-house design team then tagging in for the final finishing of the ad as part of their 360 campaign for TYLKO across print, DOOH, online + more.





A Right/Left Project ‘INFERNO + PARADISO’ [Video Installation]

It was a pleasure to work on this Right/Left Project, a private commission based around the concepts of ‘Heaven & Hell’. I was given the brief by Stephen & Colin from Right/Left Projects and allowed to truly let my imagination run in creating this series of installations that played as large projections within two intricate themed environments.




UNKLE – RŌNIN:LIVE [Social Videos]

I created a series of social videos for UNKLE’s 2023 North America and Mexico RŌNIN:LIVE tour. Combining footage from live performances, highlights from the show visuals with imagery from the 2 x RŌNIN albums, featuring high contrast black + white footage with washes of bright colours. I created a series of videos for the tour, with a bespoke version for each of the shows. I edited + created all motion GFX for the videos.






I was privileged to create the visuals for UNKLE’s 2023 RŌNIN:LIVE performances in the UK, North America and Mexico. The first of which was their headlining set at PRINTWORKS London on April 2023 as part of the venue’s (allegedly final) run of shows. Following on from my trailers and social animations for the 2 x RŌNIN albums, I kept all footage in high contrast black and white, with intense splashes of colour, reflecting the RŌNIN album art direction by Warren Du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones (& Toshiya Horiuchi) whilst also using footage shot specifically by the duo for UNKLE, along with content from Doug Foster, Alfonso Cuarón, Nathan Coley, Futura 2000 and myself.

I edited + created all motion GFX for the visuals.


NORTON GENIE – Announcement Commercial

I worked with ELSE London on this commercial for NORTON’S new AI scam detection app ‘Genie’.

I created + edited the video as well as doing all motion gfx + post production.


SECRET GARDEN PARTY 2023 – Festival Visuals

I created a series of videos for 2023’s Secret Garden Party festival, all based around this year’s concept of ‘Science Fiction & New Worlds’. The videos each had a specific individual theme, from retro sci-fi, to deep space, space travel, UFOs, cybernetic realms and many more. The idea being the VJ would then be able to suit the mood accordingly to the music being played etc.

I did all conception, creation + post production for the visuals.


PARANORMAL TV [Brand Idents]

I created a series of on air idents for Paranormal TV as part of their new rebrand in 2022, creating all aspects from conception, animation, sound design + execution.





I created a series of social spots for CP for the release of Curzon’s new Spanish comedy ‘OFFICIAL COMPETITION’ (starring Penelope Cruz & Antonio Banderas). I edited + did all gfx/post production on the spots myself.




Had the pleasure once again to collaborate with UNKLE‘s James Lavelle on the trailer for the band’s second RONIN mixtape album (a musical collaboration with Miink, featuring artwork from Warren Du Preez, Nick Thornton Jones & Toshiya Horiuchi). This time going for a more retro, samurai movie feel for the promo, complete with vintage Shaw Brothers opening logo.

I edited & did all motion GFX/post production for these trailers and social videos.