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The KILL YOUR IDOLS! ‘Hot City’ Mixtape

A mix I completed some years ago one hot + sticky late summer day… Waiting in the wings to be released. A tight little journey through disco grooves, house jams and HOT CITY vibes.

  1. ‘All Abroad’ – Debonair 
  2. ‘Good Day Today’ (DiskJokke Remix) – David Lynch 
  3. ‘Dream A Little Dream’ (Midnight Magic Remix) – Corinne 
  4. ‘Master of Time’ (feat. J-Dub) (Sneak’s Timeless Dub) – Frames 
  5. ‘Cochon Ville’ (Dimitri from Paris Erodiscomix) – Sébastien Tellier 
  6. ‘Junocide’ (Original Mix) – Logo 
  7. ‘Baby’ (Lifelike Remix) – Bullmeister
  8. ‘Neige 606’ (DJ Mehdi Remix) – DyE
  9. ‘Closing Shot’ – Lindstrøm
  10. ‘A Tale of Two Lovers’ – Eelke Kleijn
  11. ‘Question Mark’ (KiNK Mix) [feat. Rachel Row] – Terranova
  12. ‘In This Game’ (Clap Trap Version) – Fritz Kalkbrenner
  13. ‘Something In the Air’ (Bonobo Remix) – Maya Jane Coles 
  14. ‘Something Good’ (Fort Romeau Remix) – Alt-J (Δ) 
  15. ‘Fucked Up’ (Compuphonic Remix) – Joel Compass 

SPRING SONGS vol. 4 – ‘Sun Shines’

SIDE A of my new Spring compilation… Music bursting with the joys of spring, for walking, spring cleaning, cooking or whatever you fancy whilst enjoying the good weather.

SPRING SONGS vol. 4 – ‘Rain Falls’

SIDE B of my new Spring compilation…
Music for walking/driving in the rain, or sheltering inside from the weather, curled up as the drops fall down.

Nice Songs (Vol. 12)

My 12th collection of heart-warming nice songs (Winter 2019)

Euan McGrath presents ‘Dog Days Discotheque’

It’s the last days of summer… So let’s live out the last days of disco. A hot, fun, sexy & sweaty mixtape featuring a mash up of DISCO, EDITS & FUNK FLECKED HOUSE. Enjoy. x

Nice Songs (Vol. 11)

My 11th collection of heart-warming nice songs (Winter 2018)

Summer Songs (Vol. 2)

Good Times Summer Music for Hot Boyz and Cool Girlz…

A Spring Mixtape (Vol. 3)

The third volume of my seasonal MIXTAPES that celebrate the feeling when SPRING has SPRUNG!

Nice Songs (Vol. 10)

My 10th collection of nice songs (Winter 2017)

Euan McGrath’s Endless Summer Mixtape 2017

This 4 HOUR beauty can see you through from BBQ pool party, via drinks & dancing, to house party… ENJOY!