The KILL YOUR IDOLS! ‘Hot City’ Mixtape

A mix I completed some years ago one hot + sticky late summer day… Waiting in the wings to be released. A tight little journey through disco grooves, house jams and HOT CITY vibes.

  1. ‘All Abroad’ – Debonair 
  2. ‘Good Day Today’ (DiskJokke Remix) – David Lynch 
  3. ‘Dream A Little Dream’ (Midnight Magic Remix) – Corinne 
  4. ‘Master of Time’ (feat. J-Dub) (Sneak’s Timeless Dub) – Frames 
  5. ‘Cochon Ville’ (Dimitri from Paris Erodiscomix) – Sébastien Tellier 
  6. ‘Junocide’ (Original Mix) – Logo 
  7. ‘Baby’ (Lifelike Remix) – Bullmeister
  8. ‘Neige 606’ (DJ Mehdi Remix) – DyE
  9. ‘Closing Shot’ – Lindstrøm
  10. ‘A Tale of Two Lovers’ – Eelke Kleijn
  11. ‘Question Mark’ (KiNK Mix) [feat. Rachel Row] – Terranova
  12. ‘In This Game’ (Clap Trap Version) – Fritz Kalkbrenner
  13. ‘Something In the Air’ (Bonobo Remix) – Maya Jane Coles 
  14. ‘Something Good’ (Fort Romeau Remix) – Alt-J (Δ) 
  15. ‘Fucked Up’ (Compuphonic Remix) – Joel Compass 

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