Euan McGrath

The short version:

I love GREAT STUFF… Great music, great film, great art, great ideas, and of course great VIDEOS. Thankfully I get to be a part of creating these things every day, which is all I really want to do in my work life; to make great stuff. Motion Graphics, Video Creation + Editing, Graphic Design, whatever aspect I can use to create for my. clients… Variety (and quality) is the spice of my work life.

A bit more detail:

I studied graphic design as well as film making at college, then film & video production at university whilst keeping the designing going on personal projects etc. Upon finishing my studies I worked initially within/around the Music industry, with design, motion and creation of various commercials and video projects over those years. Moving into more TV and Brand-based work after this time, then into more Film industry-based work for the latter years.

I took on the role of Head Of Design at Ignition Creative London in spring 2015. The purpose of the role being to create a Design Department from scratch and gradually build up a highly effective, multi-disciplinary in-house team. I did this whilst the company expanded from 10 employees to nearly 30, with the volume and scale of projects going up and up accordingly. After many happy years there overseeing the team, their output and working on the design aspects of hundreds of varied projects, in spring 2019 I decided to leave Ignition to return to the world of freelancing. To reconnect with the hands-on creation of projects myself and explore new opportunities in varied and interesting areas of work.

How I work:

As a good all-rounder, I tend to specialise in projects I can be across in a range of ways, either working in-depth myself in various aspects (design, concept, animation, execution, editing) or overseeing a project/ collaborating with other designers/editors etc. I am as equally attuned to working on a project by myself, or as part of a larger team, interacting face to face with producers and clients etc.

I also DJ:

And have done for half of my life… I am obsessed with music and create a series of regular podcasts, mixtapes and playlists of varying styles and genres. Check out my MUSIC page for more on this.