PERSONAL PROJECT – Spring Songs Vol. 4

I like to create seasonal compilations when I get the chance, and it felt more important than ever to mark the occasion this year. To celebrate the season of rebirth and renewal, as well as creating this double mixtape, I also made a couple of little animated videos to help promote the project (plus designing the artwork).



UAL – On-Screen Branding Motion Assets

Working closely with the UAL Design Department I created a suite of on-screen motion assets for them to use across all video and social media. Sticking as closely as possible to their simple yet bold brand guidelines to create a clean and versatile kit of parts.


DISCONNECT x CHILL – Brand Creation

Created the visual identity for a new health and fitness brand focusing on digital detox, outdoors exercise and healthy plant-based eating. First up was designing a logo, then an overall visual style and aesthetic, then I then moved on to creating some online animated videos for them to use on their social media channels.


HUGO BOSS – 360 Visuals

In collaboration with Satore Studio & Chameleon Visual, I created the visuals for the launch event of a new BOSS range in Germany September 2019. Using specially shot footage of models in BOSS clothing, we created a bold, colourful tapestry of interacting cut outs across the 4 huge walls of the show space as well as the tunnel leading to it.


CAR.O.L Fitness – Branding Retool + Motion + Website Assets

I was hired to refresh the branding and design assets for fitness brand CAR.O.L across their  whole range of assets including print, web and motion (I couldn’t change the main logo/font or colour palette, only work from what they had already). The project ended up not reaching completion due to unforeseen issues, but I created and art directed a whole range of assets across social media, video, photography + more, some highlights of these are shown below.









Refresh (Work In Progress Test)


SAATCHI GALLERY – Beyond The Road (trailers)

I created these trailers to promote the new exhibition BEYOND THE ROAD at Saatchi Gallery. A collaboration between Colin Nightingale & Stephen Dobbie (Punchdrunk) and James Lavelle (UNKLE), the exhibition is a deep & mysterious experience in deconstructing music and imagery to create a unique and enlightening atmosphere. With no footage or artwork to be used, we instead focused on the imagery of the arch (the emblem of the show) and the idea of passing from one world to another. I was lucky enough to be able to create a bespoke audio bed for the trailer, intending to allude to the unique atmosphere of the installation using the many separate music stems of UNKLE’s track ‘Ar.Mour’ to create a de-constructed but eventually cohesive sense of progression.

For highlights of what I created for the exhibition itself click here



Quotes Trailer


WARP MAGAZINE – Article + Interview

The lovely people over at Warp magazine in Mexico did an article and interview with yours truly, to talk about my experiences in the industry, my creative processes and my experiences collaborating with James Lavelle of UNKLE, ahead of their festival performance in Mexico September 2019.

Links to original and translated article:

Original article (in Spanish)

Translated article PDF






UBISOFT – Watch Dogs 3 (Visualisation Development)

Working closely with the client, we cast, costumed, styled & shot a range of characters in various poses, later comp-ing them in to specially shot London locations to help visualise the look of the game’s neon-soaked urban world.


Mock up group shot

Final release group shot for reference


Original character studio shots

Character mock ups


MR HUDSON – ‘Chicago’ lyric videos

I created of a series of lyrics-based animated videos for Mr Hudson’s new single, to build up to the album launch. Using a glitchy, low fi computer glitch style, combined with specially shot footage of the artists with high contrast colours and effects to really bring focus to the lyrics & music of the track.


ITV – Drama Festival

Selected highlights from visuals created for the epic 360 screens of the 2019 ITV Drama Festival at the Roundhouse.